Fuel the Physical @ Parkland Village Community Centre

If you are in grade 7,8, or 9 this program is for you. Every Tuesday from 4:30 – 6:30 pm we will at Parkland Village Community Centre with our Healthy Together Program.The program is FREE you just need to email or give her a call at 780 963-0549 to register.



Ages and Stages

Welcome to Ages and Stages online to support your child’s healthy development. Click the link to fill in the questionnaire for ASQ 3 & ASQ: SE 2



The Spirit of Christmas

As difficult as it was for us to cancel The Christmas Store this year it was even more difficult for our Christmas Elves. Imagine how excited the Elves were to build The Spirit of Christmas Boxes. Each box is created for 4 people. More than 4 in your home? Simply purchase an add on for any additional people.

Favourite holiday traditions from our apfa family to your family designed to keep you in the Christmas Spirit.

During this season of giving you can also purchase a box for another family. Click here to purchase a box.

Boxes will be available to pick up November 30th.