I suspect my child has ADHD, what do I do? My child has been diagnosed, what a re the next steps? Where to go and how to apply for financial support. Resources and Programs for kids/youth with ADHD. Their will be a brief discussion on IPP’s.

Presenter: Larissa Predy, M.A., Registered Psychologist, Little Oaks Psychology

Elements Health will share easy to use strategies for home, school and other environments. Strategies for further developing the brain. Therapyware will be on hand with products on hand for purchase.

Presenter: Chantal Jackson, Registered Physcologist

It’s time to bust some myths about ADHD. This presentation will help inform caregivers in order to increase compassion for the amazing humans living with ADHD, and to streamline interventions .

Presenter Chantal Jackson, Registered Psychologist

Information of the DTC: what it is, who is eligible, how to apply.

Information of the RDSP: what it is, who is eligible, how to apply, savings bond, matching grant, contributions and withdrawals and more. Information on Voice of Albertans with Disabilities, applying for AISH, PDD and other application forms.

Presenter: Voice of Albertans with Disabilities

Discuss current treatment recommendations; address side effects, therapeutic effects, and what can be expected; safety of alternative therapies & prescription medications.

Presenter: Loretta Koch, Pharmacist & Keirsten Walters, Psych Nurse

This workshop will examine the different ways that ADHD can present itself in adolescence and in girls and boys. This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to learn about and participate in several different strategies to manage ADHD symptoms and include discussion on the causes of ADHD symptoms, diagnosis and misdiagnosis and treatment options.

Anxiety may be defined as the act of worrying about an expected or feared future threat, and may be overwhelming at times. This is particularly the case when anxiety is combined with the struggles that are associated with ADHD. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware, accepting and non-judgmental of our present state. Join us for an evening of discussion about anxiety, ADHD, and self-regulation with a focus on practical mindful strategies.

Presenter: Aspire Psychological Services