A seminar for parents parenting a child with a disability. It can be rewarding and enlightening. It can also be extremely demanding. Learn how to use positive strategies to support your child’s development, learning, and behaviour in a way that best suits their needs.

This workshop focuses on helping children learn emotional regulation skills, The seminar deals with how to help children recognize and accept feelings; express their feelings appropriately, build positive feelings, deal with negative feelings, develop coping skills, and deal with upsetting or stressful life events.

It is natural for children to want more independence as they become teenagers.  The path to being a mature, young adult begins with parents promoting some very important skills along the way.  Using positive strategies to help develop the life skills your child will need will also help make the teenage years more enjoyable for everyone!

It is natural for children to have disagreements or arguments at times.  When children fight there is a risk that someone will be hurt.  Children can learn healthy ways of dealing with their frustration with the help of a caring adult.  In this workshop, we will discuss this challenging behaviour and offer suggestions to help you teach your child to solve problems and get along with others.

The workshop is an introduction to the 5 core principles of positive parenting.