Early Childhood Developmental Domains were tested by a standardized (EDI) tool that measured the development of 70,000 Alberta children. The results can be found at All of our programs are presented with one or more of the five domains in mind. When you see the symbols you will know the primary focus of that activity. If you would like more information on Early Childhood Development, Ages and Stages Screening or other childhood development, please call:

Physical Health & Well-Being: encouraging physical growth and independence, gross and fine motor skills and coordination.

Emotional Maturity: encouraging age-appropriate emotional understanding, empathy, reflection, controlled actions (thinking before doing).

 encouraging playing well with others, curiosity about the world, respect for adults and other children, behaviour and following rules or instructions, independence, self- confidence and eagerness to explore new things.

Language & Thinking: encouraging reading, writing, classification of shapes, numbers, colours, size and concepts.

Communication Skills & General Knowledge: encouraging open communication of needs and wants in a socially appropriate way, storytelling and an appropriate awareness of the outside world.

Baby Sign

(ages 0–12 months)
language & thinking | communication skills & general knowledge
Baby sign language is the practice of using symbolic gestures to enhance verbal interactions with your child. Just as your baby learns to wave goodbye or shrug their shoulders, your baby can also learn to use gestures to communicate their needs, express their interests and ask questions long before they can talk. Teaching your baby sign language enables you to communicate more effectively and create language experiences that support early literacy.

Baby Time

Baby Time

(ages 0–18 months)
language & thinking | communication skills & general knowledge |
An enjoyable and engaging time for you and baby! Sing songs, read books, tell stories and play hand games to enhance parent/child attachment, social skills and healthy child development.


(ages 3-5 years)
| language & thinking
You and your little artist(s) will have a chance to explore and experiment with a variety of mediums to enhance fine motor skills and encourage creative thinking in the early years.

Parent and Tot Drop-In

(ages 0-5 years)
| language & thinking | physical health & wellbeing
Socialize with other parents while your children play in a cheerful, relaxed environment. Plan to meet up with old friends or come and make new friends for you and your children, in your community.

Story Surprise

(ages 0-5 years)
language & thinking | communication skills & general knowledge | physical health & wellbeing
Children and their grown-ups listen to stories with interactive opportunities throughout. Story time with a twist.

Tick Tock Time

(ages 0–4 years)
language & thinking | communication skills & general knowledge
Parents and their pre-schoolers enjoy the pleasure and power of rhymes, songs and stories together. Children’s imagination and early language skills develop while the parent-child bond strengthens. We offer this program in English, German/English and French/English.

Little Chefs

(ages 3-5 years)
language & thinking | communication skills & general knowledge | physical health & wellbeing
A cooking and activity program for a child and their parent or caregiver. Through stories, songs and interactive food preparation children explore healthy habits around food and nutrition.

Busy Bodies

(ages 0–5 years)
physical health & wellbeing | emotional maturity
Children need space to move and practice sharing and taking turns. This can be achieved through games and activities designed to enhance their gross motor development.

Play Your Way

(ages 0–5 years)
communication skills & general knowledge | | language & thinking | emotional maturity
We provide the space and supplies while parents lead their children through fun and creative activities that support and encourage skills for successful early childhood development.

Playing My Way to School

(ages 3–4 years)
communication skills & general knowledge | | language & thinking | emotional maturity | physical health & wellbeing
An interactive play based group where parents and children 3-4 years old will have a chance to practice skills to set them up for success when they go to school.

Music & Motion

(ages 0-5 years)
emotional maturity | physical health & wellbeing | language & thinking | communication skills & general knowledge
Parents and Children enjoy music, dancing and moving to rhythmic beats. It is even more fun if they use an assortment of instruments to play along while developing early literacy skills.