A safe space for an open discussion about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the associated myths, stigma, and awareness. Discussion on both supporting pregnant women and individuals living with FASD.

Presenter: Brittany Durant

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Presenter: Jenn Banas with Parkland Wellness Centre and Refugee Welcome Space.

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Presenter: Larissa Predy, Little Oaks Psychology

Were you diagnosed with ADHD as an adult? Or have you known your whole life but are just learning more about it now? Or are you a partner to an adult who has ADHD?

This session is all about how ADHD presents in adults. We will explore what it means to have Adult ADHD, what it looks like in high achievers, and how our network and community can be a significant ally.

In partnership with Parkland School Division.

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Presenter Chantal Jackson, Registered Psychologist from Elements Health.

This workshop offers an in depth look at useable strategies for home, school and other environments. We will be taking a close look at the effects of Executive Functioning skills such as impulse control, organization, planning, time management, self-regulation and focus.

In partnership with Parkland School Division.

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Presenter: Chantal Jackson, Elements Health

What is ADHD? Are there different types? What about challenges and strengths associated with ADHD? Supports? Next steps? This workshop will explore these questions and more while busting the myths and streamlining interventions.

In partnership with Parkland School Division

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Presenter Larissa Predy from Little Oaks Psychology.

In this presentation, we will review when a behaviour may be seen as clinically relevant, and uncover why the frequency and consistency of a behaviour matters.

We will discuss developmental patterns, indicators, and trajectories for Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and what we can do about it.

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Learn easy to use strategies for home, school and other environments and strategies for further developing the brain.

Join Presenter Chantal Jackson, Registered Psychologist & Elements Health.

In Partnership with PSD70.

Discussion to bust myths about ADHD. Inform caregivers and the general public in order to increase compassion for the amazing humans living with ADHD, and to streamline interventions.

Presenters: Chantal Jackson, Elements Health
In partnership with PSD

An overview of ADHD from how it is diagnosed to treatment and strategies for home and the classroom.

Join Presenter: Dr. Kate Randall, R. Psych., Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Struggling with Screen Time and your ADHD child?

Join Presenters: John Stevenson & Steven Zwicker, Zone Performance Psychology Inc.

This presentation will include:

  • discussion on ADHD assessment and diagnosis
  • 4 major effects that electronics and screen time have on the brain
  • an outline of some of the natural non-pharmaceutical approaches offered by Zone Performance Psychology Inc.
  • Information on Cognitive-Perceptual Training.