This group will focus on Bedtime Routines.

Triple P Discussion Groups offer tips and suggestions for dealing with a child’s specific problem behaviour. Parents view short video clips showing other parents dealing with the same issue and are encouraged to share their thoughts with other parents in the group. Parents will be given a take-home workbook with simple exercises and information to help try new strategies at home. Four topics are available for discussion Dealing with disobedience, Managing fighting and aggression, Developing good bedtime routine, and Hassle-free shopping with children.

Registration required – NO CHILDCARE

Anxiety may be defined as the act of worrying about an expected or feared future threat, and may be overwhelming at times. This is particularly the case when anxiety is combined with the struggles that are associated with ADHD. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware, accepting and non-judgmental of our present state. Join us for an evening of discussion about anxiety, ADHD, and self-regulation with a focus on practical mindful strategies.

Presenter: Aspire Psychological Services